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Fast, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Passport, Visa, and Legal Documents Services

We’re a Washington-based passport & visa services company that provides a full-service solution to international travelers. From speedy visa and passport services to apostille, legalization, and notary services, we provide it all under one roof.

Fast Visa Services that You Can Rely On

At VisaDC, we’re the industry leaders in visa services that you can afford and confidently rely on. For the past 15 years, we have been helping people of varied nationalities and backgrounds get visas for their desired destinations.
If you too wish to give our visa services a try, get in touch with us today and discuss your case. A dedicated VisaDC representative will be happy to help you.

Speedy & Reliable Passport Services

With an experience spanning 15 years, we have been easing traveling for our customers by providing a speedy, seamless, and hassle-free passport service.
Whether you need a name change on your passport, replace a damaged passport with a new one, get a new passport in place of a stolen/lost passport, obtain a second passport, renew the expired passport, or apply for a first-time passport, we do it all for you.

Comprehensive Apostille Services

At VisaDC, we provide comprehensive Apostille services that include certifications from the Chamber of Commerce, Circuit Court, Secretary of State, Department of State, and the Embassy in Washington.
We also help you certify a document as a true copy of the original by getting it signed and dated by a professional Notary Public. Plus, our authentication service for FBI Apostille Services, Rush Apostilles, and Legalization also benefit thousands of people every year.

Seamless Document Legalization Services

If you’ve been looking for US document legalization services, you don’t need to look any further. At VisaDC, we provide comprehensive Document Legalization Services that will save you a great deal of time and hassle.
We provide document legalization services for your academic certificates, birth, marriage, and divorce certificates, business contracts, certificates of incorporation, export certificates, religious documents, and more, all under the umbrella of VisaDC.

Hassle-Free Notary Services

The duties of a notary public in the United States can be performed by notarizing officers at any American embassy or consulate abroad. Another option is to have a document notarized locally by a foreign notary before having it authenticated for use in the US.
Whatever the way, the process can be deemed complex for many people. If you are also on the lookout for notary services, we offer completely hassle-free notary services at VisaDC to make your life easier.

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What Our Clients are Saying


“I called to ask about your office hours in McLean, Virginia. What else do I need to bring to the office if I want my passport renewal to be expedited?”


I got out my passport to make a security copy approximately 10 days before departing for a trip in Italy and learned that it was due to expire three days before my departure date.

I was stuck for a few moments before going on Google to find an expediting service, and I chose VisaDC.

A really lucky option, the procedures to take were clearly explained, and my application packet was on its way by courier the next day.

Despite the fact that Memorial Day weekend was in the midst, the new passport arrived in less than a week; excellent done, VisaDC!

The guy that was assigned to me was excellent and really helpful.I would certainly recommend using VisaDC to anyone who needs a passport in a hurry.


I used the website to request a 1-week expedited passport renewal and received my passport in just over a week after shipping the full application to Visadc! I had a 10-day trip scheduled following my mail-in deadline. I mailed the docs on Monday and received my passport on Tuesday of the following week for my Thursday travel. VisaDC also kept me updated on the status of my application, which helped to alleviate my concern.


“I want to Apostille for document being submitted for incorporating company in India.Is it possible to get them done on Saturday at Herndon address? Thanks”


Apostille & Legalization

“I was contacting to see your office hours for the herndon VA location. Also, to get my Passport renewal and expedited what all will I need to bring to the office with me?”


Passports & Visas

“Service was very professional and expeditious! Hassel Free!”

Rene A. Rodriguez

Passports & Visas

“The BEST service we could have possibly received regarding such an unfortunate travel error on our part. The staff went above and beyond(including staying open past business hours) to ensure we could receive our passport the same day. Any other passport agency in this area refused to give such a service. We are immensely grateful, and thus highly recommend this business to any friends or colleagues!”

Joseph Fields

Passports & Visas

“I am truly GRATEFUL to Visa DC Incorporated for the EXCELLENT service I received. I’m active duty military and received short notice TDY out of the country. Thank you for such a wonderful and pleasant experience. Visa DC is the PHENOMENAL! Not only because of the service I received but because of the people who work here.”

Ms. Katina R. Reynolds

Passports & Visas

“I’m looking to expedite a passport because I have a vacation internationally planned for July 7th. I have all the necessary materials to complete it. Just curious about the fees & how long it would take to get here.”


Passport Experience

“I have chinese document authentication for my company that is located in Nashville, TN. the document are certified by Secretary of State of TN and now are ready to be authenticated by Department of State and China Embassy.please let me know how much would be your fee to complete the process and how long it would take.”


Apostille & Legalization

“HI, I need your excellent services again! I am a United Airlines flight attendant and need an expedited Chinese Visa. I plan on dropping off my passport and paperwork on Tuesday after my trip. I can’t remember the method of payment and the cost. Also, what are your hours? This is such a pain as I NEVER fly those trips. LOL. Thank you.”

Candace Cappiello

Visa Experience

“Thank you very much for helping me to get my sons passport. Mervette was very nice and professional. My son Donovan was able to make it to spain on the 20th of March. I highly recommend this service to any one who needs an expedited passport. Thank you so much.”

Donovan Braithwaite

Passport Experience

“I would Like to thank Visa DC for processing my visa to China. They offered great customer service and made the process very smooth. I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing to get their visa.”

Marwan Ani

Visa Experience

“Visa DC was one great experience. I was set to travel as I was at the airport the airlines would let me get on my flight because my passport was going to expire in 3 months. So I searched for an agency and I found Visa DC which was 5 mins away from the Airport. I spoke with Ahmed who was the manager on duty. He explained everything to me and the process of how I can get my passport renewed. I decided to let that agency expedite my passport for 24-hour service. They were able to get me my passport that next afternoon, and I got on my flight and enjoyed my vacation. I highly recommend this agency. A big thanks to them.”

Diala Khatib

Passport Experience

“I was looking for a professional place to get my passport expedited and Visa DC was a great place to go. The service was excellent and I had no problem getting my passport within 5 days.”

Jackie Mejia

Passport Experience

“I don’t usually write reviews but I felt compelled to write about Visa DC. I was in a desperate situation to get a passport fast for an unexpected trip. They were able to get it for me in two days. Their services were prompt, professional, and courteous and their prices were way below anywhere else I searched. I will definitely be using them in the future, not only for my passports but also to obtain visas for travel, as it was a friend who recommended them because they were extremely helpful in obtaining a visa for her to travel to Brazil.”

Rebecca Diaz

Passport & Visa Experience

“I was extremely pleased with the service of A Washington Travel. I went in the other day in need of a passport as soon as possible. My flight was set to take off in three days and I realized my passport was expired. I explained this to the representative and he took it upon himself to deliver before I was set to depart. The team was able to get my passport to me before I had to leave, and he called on updated me as the status changed. I will be coming there for all my passport needs from now on, and will recommend to friends and family. Please thank your team for all their help. Have a nice day!”

Saad Khatib

Passport Experience

“It was so wonderful on being able to connect with your company and work with the team members. I am extremely satisfied with the fast paced and highly motivated employees at your company especially Ahmed & Mervette. It means so much to me to be able to travel and being able to have that done without any stress was the absolute best thing! I wanted to write this to say thank you for all the help.”

Saja Kazimi

Passport & Visa Experience

“My son was in need of a passport and you guys were there to help. You instructed my wife and I exactly what the process was and at the end of the day my son got his shinny passport and we got a great family vacation. Thanks again for all of your help.”


Passport Experience

“Washington Travel & Passport Visa Services was wonderful to deal with! I had a trip coming up and I waited until the last minute to get my passport done. The staff were easy to contact, answered all of my questions, and were able to deliver my passport quickly. The customer service I received made this a smooth and great experience, will definitely recommend to anyone needing to get their passport done!”

Rose Warden

Passport Experience

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